Case Study: Accupen

The AccuPen provides a fast and easy way to measure intraocular pressures in many clinical settings.  The tip contains an extremely sensitive pressure gauge that takes measurements against the cornea of the eye.  The ergonomic form of the unit is derived from analysis of focus group input.


We began the project by researching various products in the market. We studied form and user demographics and ergonomic concerns.

We then composed various component schemes that would fit within the parameters of the design objective. LCD placement, control button location, and proper balance of weight were all addressed.

Concept Development

Through preliminary ergonomic research, concept ideation and the creation of sketch models, we developed the form.




Based on focus group feedback, we refined the form and schematic to the point that we could begin 3D CAD modeling.



We sectioned our final form model to be measured for complete accuracy while creating the CAD model.

We used ProEngineer with the ISDX surfacing package to achieve the desired results.

All of the snap fits and interlocking components were designed steel-safe for future refinement.




We went through several rounds of prototypes to prove fit and insure that the ergonomic form translated properly into the CAD environment.

The parts to the right were made using the stereo lithography process. Stereo lithography is a rapid process that produces very accurate prototypes that are used to prove out the design and can be finished to look like the actual product.




We supported the project all the way through production. This includes vendor liaison, graphics production, and refinements after first shot parts.


To learn more about the Accupen, visit the Accutome site.